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The Mechanical Engineering Department of TRR will mould their students in to technically sound as well as ethically perfect professionals with Innovative Leadership qualities and confident. Attitude for serving the Society with Global attention in the essence of Service and Humanity, Centre for Socio-economic upliftment of society to develop Innovative Engineers.


  • To Impart Skill, Attitude and knowledge of various core Engineering Subjects to our entire Students for ascertaining their fundamental strength in Mechanical Engineering.

  • To expose our Students to a curriculum consisting of modern laboratories, Interdisciplinary subjects 50 and Industrial Training in such a way that they get excellent exposure in world class Industries.

  • To train our students with modern drafting, analysis software for developing their computational capabilities aswell as Prompting Higher Studies.

  • To Strengthen our students with Innovative Ideas and build the potential of leadership and team work through various projects in their curriculum.

  • To inhibit strong ethical qualities in the students for lifelong learning and serving the society and nation as a whole.

  • Quality education to be provided to the students along with enhancement of their skills to make them globally competitive Mechanical Engineering.
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