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The sprawling college complex stands on 12 acres of landscaped grounds out of which 50,000 Sft. consists of constructed area. The modern building is airy, well lit and aesthetically designed. The building also has a large playground for the students to take up sports activites.

Computers being an integral part of polytechnical curriculum, T.R.R. provides a state-of-the-art centrally air-conditioned computer lab that can accommodate almost 120 students within its 3000 Sft. Lab space. Not only are the labs and Library well carpeted and well ventilated, there are also individual cubicles for each student to enhance efficiency.

The communication facility comprises dedicated web servers running on UNIX and Window 2003/NT Advanced Server Platforms. There are 90 Pentium IV Systems with dedicated 128 KBPS Internet Connectivity and Gigabyte Ethernet facilitating robust and secure Internet, Intranet and VPN Communication.

Mineral water for students and staff (Drinking water filtered by Acquatron Mineral water plant and Aqua guards.)

Co-operative stores available to cater the requirement of students with regard to textbooks, record books, drawing instruments and other stationary items.

Emergency Medical aid facility available.

Telephone, Fax and Internet Facilities available for Students and Staff.

A Canteen is run under the supervision of College Management for the Staff and Students

Play fields, Cricket, Football, Indoor Games, Shuttle Badminton, Fabric Tennis etc. can be played under the guidance of a qualified Physical Director.


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